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The Land of Enchantment

Ngari Panchen“Ngari Panchen” Mask, Clay & Mixed Media



Sky Hooks

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The Paint Out

The 7th Annual Canyon Road Paint-Out


Santa Fe, N.M.

Return to the Dreamtime

5th Annual Moksha Art Fair
Dec 4th ~ 17, 2013

 From Toling to Tsaparang

April Dolkar, “From Toling to Tsaparang”, M/M on canvas, 16.5″ x 23.5″


Alex Grey, Allyson Grey, Mark Henson, Randal Roberts , Jonathan Solter, Reinier Gamboa, Eva Ruiz, Olivia Curry , Ryan Cacolici, Donna Torres , Paul Lewin , Robert Aura Freitag , Alvaro Santamaria, Luis Valle, Jonathan Sastoque, Baba Trips, Anya Nadal, Cory Hunter, Alissa Christine, April Dolkar, Erick Parades, Marina Fontana, Coral Morphologic, Lauranda Hook, Anastasia Sultzer & Wesley Geometry


Moksha Family Arts Collective
228 NE 59th Street, Miami, Fl.
(305) 757-7277



“Many civilizations built cities in the sky, or wished to do so.  On my third voyage I set out in a sky-boat for Aotearoa, in search of the city which hovers over Dunedin, built on crystals. It was not more than 14 hours when a great storm arose to the East, with a strong gale from the West.  Taking shelter in a cave, I crept out as the day advanced.  I walked amongst the rocks, but was forced to retreat.  I turned back in the shadow of a bombed-out Awakened figure, which hid the sun for six or seven minutes. The air became much colder, and the sky then brightened where I stood.

Over that very place appeared three floating objects, like heads in progressive states of decomposition, descending almost parallel to me which spake of Cultural Revolution.  You could hardly conceive my astonishment, to behold these suspended in the air, rising and sinking in quiescence.  For awhile they seemed to stand still, conferring in earnest, whilst looking upon me. One called out in a clear, smooth dialect “When the world and beings are filled with the fruits of unwholesome acts, and unwanted sufferings pour down like rain…”  Looking away into the distance they closed their eyes, or withdrew them entirely into their sockets.  And the Long White Cloud fell silent in the remotest region of the world.”       . . . April Dolkar


Espanola Way Art Center ~ A Farewell

Memories we shared – captured by Howard Davis of HED Productions.
This was no ordinary place…

“Back of Beyond” Exhibition

Changchub Chorten, April Dolkar
April Dolkar, “Changchub Chorten”,  Acrylic on canvas


TJ Ahearn, Bhakti Baxter, Maryrose Crook (NZ), April Dolkar (NZ), Sebastian Duncan-Portuondo, Liz Ferrer, Brookhart Jonquil, William Keddell (NZ), Sinisa Kukec, Tracy Moffett (AUS), Kuby Nnamdi, Temisan Okpaku, David Rohn, George Sanchez Calderon, Oliver Sanchez, Onajide Shabaka, Barron Sherer, Misael Soto, Sara Stites & Stephan Tugrul

Wednesday, October 16th  through November 12th

Deering Estate at Cutler, 16701 SW 72 Avenue

Miami, Florida 33157


“Back of Beyond” refers to a point that is the furthest from known lands, past civilization and into imagination.  Curated by Jane Hart, this group exhibition is a diverse selection of work in various media, inspired by the tradition of adventure. Participating artists have been invited to draw inspiration from the literary classic “Gulliver’s Travels”, a tale of imaginary voyages into lands unknown by Jonathan Swift, published in 1726.

To complement our ‘Wine on Harvest Moon’ event, featuring wines from Australia and New Zealand.


“Skillful Means” ~ Santa Fe

Change Agent

“Change Agent”, M/M on canvas, 40″ x 30″

Benefit Art Exhibit & Sale

featuring works by

Ellen Alexander, Kate Alexander, Don Bell,

Nan Brown, April Dolkar and Dorje Gyaltsen

Paintings, Prints, Drawings, Photographs, Cards, Woodcarvings,

Jewelry, Thangkas and Tibetan Articles

extended through this weekend

Saturday, 20 July (10 – 4)

& Sunday, 21 July (10-2)

KSK Buddhist Center  *  3777 KSK Lane (off Airport Road)  *  Santa Fe, New Mexico
505 982 2707 for more information
or nobletruth@earthlink.net