Living Bridge

Chaksam Bridge, Tibet

“The Living Bridge”: a Multi-media Exhibition Linking Contemporary Tibetan, New Zealand & International participants in Dunedin

Community Gallery:  20 Princes Street, Dunedin, New Zealand

Friday, 31 August through  Sunday, 9 September, 2012


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Professor Dunning’s Tibet Photos (followed by) Installation Shots from the Exhibition


Ven. Lhagon Rinpoche (Tibetan Masks & Sculpture), Ven. Geshe Jampa (Dharma Talk), Ven. Geshe Nyima Dorjee (Talk & Workshop), Ven. Lobsang Thutop (Tibetan Silk Applique), Ven. Lobsang Konchok (Traditional Art), Ngodup Lama (Sculpture & Painting), Ven. Pema Letho (Photography), Tenzin Thupwang (Painting), Terris Temple (Digital Image), Ven. Ani Kunzang (Tibetan Script), Sandra Bell (Poem), Ilöna Buscher (Printmaking), Kate Clapham-Dorjee (History), Jay Clarkson (Video Installation), Simone Clunie (Ceramics), Sandie den Dulk (Musical Instrument), James Dignan (Music), April Dolkar (Painting/Photography), Prof. William Dunning (Tibet Photos, 1940′s), David Eggleton (Poetry), Alastair Galbraith (Music), Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith (Installation), Pamela Gordon (Poetry), Alan Haig (Photography), & Chris Heazlewood (Music), Ed Higbee (Photography), Chrissie Jackson (Photography), Bruce McKinney (Installation), David Merritt (Poems),  Hollace M. Metzger (Multi-media), Grant Ramsay (Music), Karen Reid (Music), Lori Malkabeth Robbins (Photography), Matthew Robertson (Poetry/Music), Sapna Samant (Film Teaser), Jampa Stuart (Painting), Orchid Tierney (Poetry), Lorna Watkins-Dooley (Painting/Photography), Trish Wilson (Photography), Maari McCluskey & Richard Clark (Reading of Play), Holly Achieson (Painting), The Tibetan Dance Troupe with Jessica and Rhys Latton, Rebecca Llewellyn, Ray Nakuda, Peter Small, Lin Ong and Cathi Graham & More…

The Living Bridge, Photo Sampler ~ Link:

From the Living Bridge


Dudjom Rinpoche Dancing Dorje Drolo, by Pema Letho

“The Living Bridge”: This ten-day event created a living infrastructure for arts that have crossed over to New Zealand shores. Contemporary Tibetan, New Zealand & International participants shared arts, poetry, music, talks and workshops to honour Tibet’s unique culture, and promote understanding and appreciation of its influence in New Zealand.

Tibetan art has its original roots in India 2500 years ago. The first examples of Buddhist art in Tibet were produced at the time of King Songtsen Gampo (608-649 AD). In Tibetan history, the Mahasiddha Thangtong Gyalpo (b. 1385) was the first bridge builder, who created 108 suspension bridges throughout Tibet to ensure travelers’ safe crossing to the other shore. This renowned yogi, physician, architect and inventor is also regarded as the Father of the Tibetan drama tradition.  For this event, Dunedin’s Tibetan Dance Troupe has re-formed and will premiere traditional dance at the Opening Reception.  

A unique cultural bridge has been crossed, bringing ancient arts to our contemporary world, while our internal bridge links us to its positive influences for our region & environment.


Thangtong Gyalpo, Painted by Terris Temple, 1972


Schedule of Events

Opening Reception: Friday, 31 Aug, 6 pm

The New Tibetan Dance Troupe

Sandie den Dulk plays the Purerehua

“The Snow Lion and the Orphan: A Short Allegorical Play” ~ A Reading by Maari McCluskey & Richard Clark

Tibetan Medicine: Video Viewing

Saturday, 1 Sept:

“Tendrel: The Principle of Interdependence” with Geshe Jampa Tenzin, 1 pm (Talk)

Clay Sculpture Demonstration, with Ngodup Lama, 2 pm

Grant Ramsay, Music, 3 pm

Orchid Tierney, Poetry Reading, 3:30 pm

Karin Reid (vocals) / Craig Sinclair (double bass), Music, 4 pm

Sunday, 2 Sept:

“Cultivating Inner Happiness” Geshe Nyima Dorjee, 1 pm (Talk)

Tibetan Printmaking Demonstration, Geshe Nyima, 2 pm

Matthew Robertson & Friends, Poetry with Music, 3 pm

Monday, 3 Sept:

Pamela Gordon & David Eggleton, Poetry at Noon

Reading of “The Living Bridge” Poem, written by Sandra Bell

Jay Clarkson, “In Addition” Video Installation

Tuesday, 4 Sept:

Lunchtime Video Series, Noon:

Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith, “Ausbleuten” Video from Germany

Lori Malkabeth-Robbins, “Almost Nothing” Video from Japan

Wednesday, 5 Sept:

Slideshow, Noon:

Prof. William Dunning, Tibet Photos, 1940′s Gyantse Area

Thursday, 6 Sept:

James Dignan ~ Music at Noon

Hollace Metzger, “The Living Bridge”, Video ~ Poetry, Photos & Song from France


April Dolkar, “The Living Bridge” ~ Pecha Kucha Slides/Talk at Art School, 7:30 pm 


Friday, 7 Sept:

Alastair Galbraith ~ Music, Noon


Chris Heazlewood ~ Music, 1 pm

“Writing Tibetan Script” with Ven. Ani Kunzang, 2 pm

Saturday, 8 Sept:

“Writing Tibetan Script” with Ven. Ani Kunzang, 1 pm

“Tibetan Settlement in New Zealand: A Brief Cultural History”, Kate Clapham-Dorjee, 2 pm

“Current Situation in Tibet”, Students for Free Tibet, 3 pm 


Sunday, 9 Sept:

Closing Dedication, 1 pm  ~ Final Gathering / End of Show

“Bridging Ceremony: Dunedin to Portobello” ~ Group leaves from Gallery at 2 pm

“Tsethar: Animal Release to Save Lives”, Portobello Marina, 2:30

“Auspicious Blessings”: Prayer Flag Event at the Stupa,

1588 Highcliffe Road, Portobello, 3 pm

[ Map ~ ]



The Living Bridge, an interview with the organiser

Contact:  April Dolkar  /


Gracious Thanks to  DCC / CNZ Creative Communities Scheme; and for our great friends & helpers at Tibetan Arts & Culture, The Dhargyey Buddhist Centre, The Tibet Coalition, Students for a Free Tibet, Friends of Tibet, Italia-Tibet Association, Amnesty International, Organisation for Global Nonviolent Action, Maria Stuart, Dughal Mills, Martin Kean,  Phantom Billstickers, Scott Muir, Tania Robinson, Allan Kynaston, Pemba Lama, Ngawang & Keran, Sean Mueller & All Our Amazing Volunteers…



“Every individual has a responsibility to help guide our global family in the right direction.

Good wishes are not sufficient; we must become actively engaged.” – H. H. the Dalai Lama


Donations will be raised for Tibetan Refugee Settlements & Support




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